11th inspection January 2016

The 11th inspection of the RVM Health Facility was implemented at the construction site in Nunumeu, City of Soe at 2:30 pm on Wednesday 28 January 2016.


This inspection was carried out only on the main Hospital Building as per contract between RVM and the Contractor. The phase completed were in reference to O-8 and an additional request was made for money to pay for the materials for the installation of electricity from the City Power Company (PLN). .


The required work for this inspection was as follows:

      O-8 (Operational Costs and Salaries)

          Plastering of walls - 80% complete        

          Ceramic tiles 40% complete

          Windows installed - 50% complete

          Walls painted 20% complete


All of the above work was completed satisfactorily. 


Good progress was also made on the Soak Trenches for the Hospital Building and for the Support Building. The trenches were dug out by machine and workers were laying in the walls for the trenches outside of the Support Building at the time of the inspection.