13th inspection February 2016

This inspection was carried out only on the main Hospital Building as per contract between RVM and the Contractor. The phase completed was in reference to O-9 (Operational Costs and Salaries) of the contract. 


The required work for this inspection was as follows:

          Plastering of walls                  - 100% complete        

          Ceramic tiles                       -   80% complete

          Doors and windows installed    -   80% complete

          Walls painted                       -   70% complete


All of the above work was completed satisfactorily, with good progress on the road and pathways. The viewing windows on the outside of the nursery were larger than expected but Dick asked that a wooden divider be placed in the window frame to divide upper from the lower area. The height of this divider would be the same as that of the adjacent door height. This work will be completed shortly.