16th inspection June 2016

Tasks to be completed for this inspection were:

    1) Completion of 10,000 litre underground water tank

   2) Completion of fencing

   3) Completion of septic tank conversion from Type A to Type B 

 Attached are some pictures of the construction work completed at the time of the inspection. 

 The contractor has built the fence at the front and side which looks good, and the community parishioners have built a brick wall between the hospital and the next door neighbour. This will be plastered.

 Much of the landscaping is completed, but there is still more planned to be done.

 The railing has been completed on the terraces, except for one piece of railing which is to close access from the ambulance ramp to the front terrace. This will be completed soon.

 Staff were receiving an orientation during the inspection and they seemed very enthusiastic. The Sisters report that they have been contributing voluntary labor to get the hospital and grounds ready for the Grand Opening.

 A glass barrier was installed in the reception to protect patients and visitors from the wind and rain.

 The water supply system is installed and functioning. It will be tested again during Dick's visit.

 Some of the equipment already purchased is in place in the hospital. Much of the furniture is also in the building, and sorting of desks, cabinets, etc. will be carried by the staff over the week.

 The Sisters and staff are very busy now preparing for the Grand Opening on 10th June.