Cyclone Seroja

On April 5 Cyclone Seroja hit East Nusa Tenggara province in eastern Indonesia. The result was torrential rain flows of volcanic debris.  More than 2000 homes were damaged or destroyed, affecting over 22,000 people. Acting on the advice of our local Consultant FOHG arranged transfer of funds to provide some initial support. Funds have been sent to repair the roof of the RVM Convent and to pay for a portable generator for Poltekkes which

  • will enable enable teaching and learning and learning to continue when the power is off
  • can be used when students are conducting community service out in the remote areas where there is no electricity
  • may be shared with the midwifery, dental hygiene, and other schools within Poltekkes

FOHG also sent funds for emergency food packages for identified local families.