Trip to Kupang/Bali January 2024

January 2024 saw a small team of 4 representatives from FOHG return to Kupang. The team was lead by Trish Green (microbiology scientist), Ann Whitfield (Infection Prevention Nurse), Laicey Colum (representing LifeBlood/Red Cross Perth) and Chantel Seaforth (Rehabilitation Physiotherapist).

The microbiology laboratory continues to progress well under the guidance of their new microbiologist Dr Fidri Manongga. It was pleasing to see the development of new skills by the analysts since their collaboration with the US CDC and Eijkman Institute. There was collaboration with Ann Whitfield helping solve some Infection Control issues, and Ann continued to work with the IP Team consolidating practices they had been implementing over the past year. Ann also left them with a 5 year strategic plan to work towards setting some goals.

Laicey Colum carried out some excellent reviews of work practices within the Kupang Red Cross Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) Donation Centre. Laicey spent 8 days reviewing their current workflow practices including their mobile collection services and gave recommendations at the end of her visit. She also gave presentations to the staff for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) in the hope that when they are assessed for accreditation next month they will pass.

Chantel Seaforth was invited by the Prof Johannes Hospital in Kupang to promote the development of services to treat and manage patients with stroke. Chantel’s time was spent understanding the current flow of patients with stroke from hyperacute to chronic stage of illness progression, and to understand the flow of patients with stroke from emergency to rehabilitation ward. She identified key areas of opportunity of development within the current service model and in anticipation of the potential development of stroke specific wards. She met with key stakeholders to establish contact and open channels to promote ongoing communication in the future to facilitate staff education and development. This will hopefully be followed up by an in person visit later in the year by Dr Aaron Gaekwad.

Trish completed her part of the trip with a 2 day Clinical Microbiology Workshop at the Bali Mandara hospital in Sanur, Bali. Trish gave a lecture on updates for basic microbiology practices which were followed up with 2 in depth hands-on practical sessions for the 26 students present.

It was a busy week, but the 4 trip participants felt that they had achieved a lot and felt leaving they had made a significant difference to their respective disciplines.