MNH trip to Nagakeo District 2018

In July 2018 two regular FOHG volunteers and two new volunteers travelled to Nagakeo for training the local midwives and doctors to better manage obstetric and neonatal emergencies. Dr Peter led this trip, accompanied by midwife Anne Marie. One of the new recruits to our service was Dr Arvind, a consultant obstetrician from London, the other was Dr Roberto a senior obstetric registrar from Canberra. Pak Nus, our interpreter/ organisor/ and regular ‘go to for problems’ was an invaluable asset to the program as usual.

An orientation to the Island of Flores, on which Nagakeo, in the district of MBay is situated, included a 2 hour flight from Bali and a 4 hour drive from the Ende airport across the Island of Flores to Nagakeo. The teaching took place in four separate sites in the district requiring many hours of driving each day in between their accommodation and the clinics. The roads in this area are often very winding, not to mention very poor.
The first day of teaching took place in the newly opened Hospital (Rumah Sakit Aeroma) where they have no resident obstetricians proving very beneficial. The teaching team, as usual, included local midwives trained by FOHG. This took ‘Team FOHG’ trainer numbers up to six. With over 30 participants in each area, the ratio of trainers to participants maximised input. The pre and post test evaluations of the program were overwhelmingly positive.

Both Dr Roberto and Dr Arvind enjoyed their time with FOHG and are happy to repeat their experience for the local people.

Helen Bradley,
MNH Coordinator.