Pig project

Noting the high level of unemployment and lack of opportunity to work, and with no local finance available Fohg responded to a request to provide 15 farmers with piglets together with the knowledge of, and support to build pig sties.  Fund raising from our supporters made the necessary finance available.  Plans and materials to construct sties were provided to the selected farmers and supported with the involvement of local animal husbandry experts to provide instruction on good animal health care and maintenance issues. These actions were supported by the supply of piglets, an initial food supply and education regarding growing of suitable foods to sustain the pigs, all of which gave the project a good start.

Whilst the project was originally set up based on a “microfinance” system, this proved to be not totally workable, as a subsequent difference of approach as to the long term sustainability of the project developed.  Certain holders decided to retain the animals as family pets whereas others decided to mate and breed from the donated pig. Very successful results have been achieved with the latter initiatives.

The overall outcome of the project however on balance has proved to be effective, and in particular regarding the skills learnt in the construction phase and in the ongoing care of the pigs in the area of animal husbandry. It is hoped that others, noting the various levels of success achieved, will now move to teach others the skills learnt and to encourage others to adopt the more successful initiatives