FOHG has been involved with capacity building and education in the pharmacy department at the Professor Johannes Hospital. This initiative has been created to help support the pharmacy staff and pharmacy department to provide a number of services to the hospital.

General pharmacy services include:

  1. Dispensing medications and medication access
  2. Manufacturing medications
  3. Clinical pharmacy – a pharmacist involved for safe and effective use of medicines and medicine choice in conjunction with the doctors and nurses on the hospital ward level
  4. Clinical governance and hospital wide use of medications

Support for the Pharmacy department has taken the form of:

  1. In house education seminars:
    1. Infectious diseases pharmacy practice
    2. Cardiology pharmacy practice
    3. Oncology and Chemotherapy pharmacy practice
    4. Pharmacoeconomics - protocol development and Drug Policy
    5. Medication safety
  2. Face to Face mentoring from Australian based volunteer pharmacists in clinical pharmacy
  3. On-going both in person and distance collaboration for development of key pharmacy tools such as the medication chart and protocol development
  4. An observership program for Indonesian pharmacists from Professor Johannes Hospital to Flinders Medical centre.
  5. On-going electronic communication to aid in development of pharmacy practice at Professor Johannes Hospital Kupang and Soe Hospital

The feedback so far has been positive with a great integration of the pharmacists in the hospital that drive overall improvements in health professional communication and care. Secondly, this program has provided a conduit for empowerment for the pharmacy department to learn more about new areas in clinical pharmacy and general pharmacy practice in addition to boosting the cohesion of other FOHG projects.